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Our Mission is to provide quality products to reduce energy dependence.

Our Commitment is to provide and endorse products that will stand the test of time while promoting the customers’ return on investment. We listen to the customers’ needs and introduce products to decision makers that place value on integrity.

We are with you before, during and after the sale. Service is our strength.

Trucks and Trailers

Today’s trucks and trailers place a taxing load on batteries and vehicle charging systems. Tracking devices, convenience items such as refrigerators, TV’s and microwaves powered by inverters drain vehicle batteries in no idle situations causing stress on the vehicle charging system when the vehicle is started not to mention the low voltage start up your engine’s starter has endured if the vehicle will start, if not, a jump start from a local service company is a very costly way to get back on the road. Our Solar Solutions will not eliminate all these problems; they will eliminate most of the low voltage starts putting $$$ back into your pocket in no idle areas and keep the wheels turning so you can do what you do best.

Construction Equipment / Logging Equipment

All equipment is purchased with the intent of using it frequently, sometimes the equipment sits unattended for short and long lengths of time causing the battery to lose its charge, low voltage starts are extremely harmful to your equipment’s electrical system taxing the charging system when and if it does start. Our Solar Solutions can keep your batteries topped off and ready to earn you some $$$ when the need comes.

Recreation Vehicles

Your family plans a vacation in the RV upon picking it up from the storage lot you discover the battery is dead and the power jack will not operate to hook to your tow vehicle, the vacation has started off with your wallet open spending $$ you had not planned on. Today’s RV’s are loaded with convenience equipment like power leveling jacks that rely on a fully charged battery to operate properly. Our Solar Solutions can keep your batteries topped off so the new adventure doesn’t wreck your vacation plans.

Lift Gate and Pallet Jack Charging

Everyday productive time is lost due to low batteries in lift gates and electric pallet jacks, frustrating you, your driver and most of all…..the customers. We have Solar Solutions to place a smile on everyone’s face keeping customers happy, retaining drivers and getting those deliveries on time keeping your company looking great.

We can find a Solar Solution to you!


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